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Lottery Sambad is one of the most popular and Oldest Lottery systems in India. Thousands of people buy Sambad Lottery Ticket, Play this Lottery, and test their lucks. As You know Sambad is a Newspaper which is published in India and this lottery is directly related to that Newspaper. Lottery Sambad Result is announced daily on their specific timing as 01 PM Morning, 4 PM Noon and 8 PM Night.

People buy the lottery ticket and wait for the Result. The Result is Downloadable from the internet as you can easily Download the Sambad Lottery Result from our Website. Lottery Sambad Today Result is on-air on three Different Timing. For Download or Access the Result. You can Just Click on the Download button and Access the Result Page of this Lottery in two Different formats like Lottery Sambad PDF and DBF.

Keep in Mind the result is uploaded to their specific timings. Therefore, Wait for the Result Time and then Download & Check.  People love to play this lottery system and we notice that the majority of our visitors are from India because this is a famous Indian lottery system. People from almost every state play and want to become millionaire. So, buy a Lottery ticket and we hope that you will win and visit our website daily.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

The Result of This Famous Lottery Game is usually published in Two formats Like PDF as well as DBF formats. Both Files are Downloadable with just a Few Clicks. On our Website, you will get the sambad lottery old results too.

Sometimes lottery players didn’t check the result on their draw time so we upload it also. The Lottery Sambad Result day is life-changing for some people because many lottery players win on that day.

The Structure of our website is user-friendly and the Daily Result is easy to navigate. We Upload the Lottery Sambad Result daily on their fixed timing. Many of our visitors get results very easily only on our website Just to stay active with us and visit our website daily to Check, Download the Results. You can also download the Lottery Sambad Yesterday Result and Evening Result Too.

Sambad Lottery Result Draw Timing

Every Lottery Lover knows that the Sambad Lottery draws on three different times. All timing and days are discussed in detail below. Knowing the Draw Timings is important because sometimes you miss the result. So, Read the Following Paragraphs carefully and note the Date and Timings:

Lottery Sambad Today Result 1pm (Morning):

The First Result of Lottery Sambad Today Result 1pm also known as Nagaland Lottery Sambad is on-air daily at sharp 01:00 PM in the Morning. Usually, it is called Dear Affectionate Morning and the First prize of this Result is 16 Lac INR Rupees and You can Purchase the lottery ticket is in only 6 INR Rs. So, get benefits from this amazing Sambad Lottery system, buy a ticket, and win.

Lottery Sambad Today Result 6pm (Evening):

The Second Lottery Sambad Today Result 6pm is also uploaded on your Website. That is another chance to win and earn a handsome amount of money. The Winning 1st of this time is also 16 Lac Rupees. So what are you waiting for? if you want to change your lifestyle and support your family then just buy a cheap ticket from a lottery distributor and play to win and earn.

Lottery Sambad Today 8pm (Night):

The Final and most waiting lottery draw result is Lottery Sambad Today 8pm at Night result, which is uploaded to our web blog daily. If you want to download Lottery Sambad today evening result then follows the simple steps and click on the Download button and you will get the latest result. It is also known as Dear Lottery Sambad and its First winning prize is also 26 Lac INR. It is a huge amount to fulfill your needs and support your family.

Result Formats

Here is the understanding of the Lottery Sambad results file formats. Usually, the Result file is in two different formats. Both formats are downloadable. Also, we set up a Result Viewer, with this system you will see and check the result on our website without download it in your local System. Below are the most popular and easy to view Format detail:

Lottery Sambad PDF Format:

The most common and clear to view file format is Lottery Sambad pdf. However, the PDF format is easily downloaded easily by just a few clicks. You can also check online on our website by our file Viewer. You always create HD files for our Visitors, because our aim is to build a community of successful Sambad Lottery players. So. they can win earn and support their families and friends. If you want any other file format, then contact us at our official email address.

Kinds of Lottery Sambad

Basically, there are Three Main Types or Kinds of Lottery Sambad, and all these are very popular in India. Each and every type of result is uploaded on our website daily. Now, we discuss these three lotteries in detail and also tell the names of these and their timings too.

  • Nagaland State Lottery  (Dear Affectionate Morning) is the First Type of this Lottery. Their result is on-air daily at 01 PM.
  • The second one is called Sikkim State Lottery, You can Download the sambad lottery today result 6pm Sikkim on our Website Daily.
  • The Third one is Mizoram State Lottery also known as Dear Respect and Lottery Sambad Night and its result is on air at evening 8.00 PM daily.

Lottery Sambad Download Guide

Here is the Detailed Guide to Lottery Sambad Download Result. Follow these Easy Steps and Get the latest results daily. To Download Lottery Sambad Today Result You First have to Land on your HomePage, then Locate a BLUE Download Button and Click on it. After that, you will see our Lottery Sambad Result Page, on that page you can able to select your Formats to download.

The two buttons appear, one is to Download Result in PDF Format and the second one is to Download Result DBF Format. Select your desiring format and click on it. Now, Finally, you can land to Direct Download Link.

Link on the Download button and BOOM you can successfully Download Result of Lottery Sambad. To Download Old Result Check and Main Button Navigation and Click on the Old Result Link and download the Previous Missed Result Easily.