Lottery Sambad Today Result at 1pm, 6pm, 8pm

01:00 PM Result

Lottery Business is amazing, especially Lottery Sambad gives you a huge amount of money. So, Visit daily and check the Lottery result below.


06:00 PM Result

08:00 PM Result

People search on the internet to check the Lottery result. Therefore we are updating our website with the latest Sambad lottery result Daily.

06:00 PM Both Result

West Bengal Lottery Result

Are you there to get the Lottery Sambad Results?  The results are published daily on its time here on this blog. Check them and also download the file on your computer or mobile for further use. The results will be drawn thrice a day and every single time we update them for our users.

Lottery Sambad is one of the best games based in India. The Lottery Sambad Results are very valuable for its players and use on this website you can get the Daily result in the morning, day, and night. The Dear Lottery Sambad result file is available in PDF format for download or you can also check the results online on our website.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

Lottery Sambad Result with their Two different formats is linked with this page of our website. You can download easily The Lottery Sambad Today Result by selecting your required File Format and click on it. Our Team uploads daily results at three different timings.

Basically, every lottery lover waits for the results and they can get the result in HD quality only on our Website. As You Guys Know that Sambad lottery result is down-able as well as view-able in two file formats. Therefore, You can easily download and check online the daily result, just to visit our blog.

Playing Lottery Sambad is a fun game but it is also very tricky, if you are a risk-taker then you should definitely play this Sambad lottery game. It is also very easy to play, the few steps you should do to be a part of this system.

Just to spend a few rupees (INR) to buy a ticket for this lottery and visit our website daily to see the Lottery Sambad result. The amazing thing about this lottery is there are three chances daily to win and earn a handsome amount of money. Below is the complete guide to the actual timings.

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Timings of Lottery Sambad Result

As you know the Lottery of Sambad has three different draw timings. But the New Lottery Players do not know the actual timings of this Wonderful Lottery system. So, for this reason, we mentioned each and every aspect of the timings and dates below. Check and Read Carefully:

The First Lottery Sambad Today Result 1pm is drawn in the Morning. It is also a very famous type named Nagaland state lottery. This is the 1st chance of winning the sambad lottery result. If you win this time then very good, if not then do not worry the two chances are still there.

Other, Time for Result declaring is 06 PM at Noon. You can check Lottery sambad today result 6pm daily on our website. This is also the second type called the Sikkim State Lottery and the second chance of winning.

The last is the lottery sambad today 8pm result, it is uploaded on our website in the evening at 8.00 PM and it is also called Dear lottery sambad. You can download and also view online in both PDF and DBF formats. It is also famous as the Mizoram State Lottery, the type of that lottery system.

Lottery Sambad Download Guide

The Quick Guide to download the Lottery sambad result is here. Just these easy Steps to Download. First, you are landed on the result page of this blog. Now select your desire File Format by clicking on the red or blue icons. After that, you will get direct access to the DOWNLOAD link page.

At last Click on the Download link and the file will automatically save to your Computer, Laptop, or Mobile. You can also view the lottery sambad result online on our PDF Viewer.

State Lottery Sambad Details

The players with no even basic knowledge of the game are suggested to check the basic details, the main draw names, the schedule, and the timings as well then move forward.

Daily ScheduleDetails
First Draw - Morning11:55 AM
Second Draw - Day04:00 PM
Third Draw - Night08:00 PM
Accouncement of ResultsDaily
File FormatPDF

Lottery Sambad Morning

The morning results announced at sharp 01:00 PM and people are very much excited to check the Morning results daily. This is the very first result of a day and lots of people won it.

The remaining queries and results would be published when announced. So, you need to stay active on the website to get them all under a single roof. The results will be available in PDF and also you can check it here as in PNG image format it’s totally up to you.

01:00 PM Draw Names & Days

There are different draw names of every single result according to its timing. So, below you can check the Morning 1 PM draw names and their draw days as well.

Draw DaysDraw Names
SaturdayDear Treasure Morning
SundayDear Precious Morning
MondayDear Cherished Morning
TuesdayDear Admire Morning
WednesdayDear Respect Morning
ThurdayDear Love Morning
FridayDear Love Morning

Lottery Sambad Day

Here is the time for the Lottery Sambad Evening results. The results are already announced d and winners are selected as well. You just to get the file of the result in PDF or check online here as in PNG image format. You are still have not checked the results of the Evening then I think you are getting late. Check the results right now and I hope you will win.

The Evening results are also known as the West Bengal State Lottery, below I discuss further that lottery and its facts as well. So, stay tuned.

04:00 PM Draw Names & Days

Just like Mor Results the Lottery sambad day results have different names and days as well. Below is the list of all its related names and the day’s schedule as well.

Draw DaysDraw Names
SaturdayDear Banga-bhumi Ajay
SundayDear Banga-bhumi Bhagirathi
MondayDear Banga-lakshmi Raidak
TuesdayDear Banga-lakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Banga-lakshmi Teesta
ThurdayDear Banga-shree Ichamati
FridayDear Banga-shree Damodar

Lottery Sambad Night

The Lottery Sambad Night result is the final one and most people love it. Why? because the maximum ratio of the players won the game at this time. The winners are also announced for Today Night results, without wasting for much time check them online on this website.

The Lottery Sambad Today night results are also known as a Nagaland State Lottery, I explain why and the other factors as well below. Just stay on the website in wait for further updates.

08:00 PM Draw Names & Days

The various night draws and the day’s schedule is available below. Check to clear further confusion, I hope you will understand the schedule and system of this game.

Draw DaysDraw Names
SaturdayDear Vulture Evening
SundayDear Falcon Evening
MondayDear Eagle Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Flamingo Evening
ThurdayDear Hawk Evening
FridayDear Banga-shree Damodar

Lottery Sambad Evening

The Lottery Sambad Evening result is the same as the night result. But it is famous for the evening results. Same the 8 pm results are drawn at that time.

You can visit our website in the evening and try to stay active with us until the results will be uploaded. When the result is live you just need to download it or watch it online. For more results and things related to this game kindly enable the notifications.

Main Types of Daily Lottery Sambad

There are three main types or names of lottery sambad, in every state of India different names are popular. Today I will try to guide you about the different kinds of lottery and you will then be able to understand the timings and schedule of lottery by the types.

Nagaland State Lottery

The Lottery Sambad Today 1 PM morning is famously known as a Nagaland State lottery. As you know Nagaland is a state in India and the Mor Results are popular with this name in Nagaland State. People search online for Nagaland Lottery results and others, I hope you understand the result name.

West Bengal State Lottery

The second and the most popular Lottery sambad result which is announced at 06 PM daily is also called West Bengal State Lottery. People search for the results as the West Bengal Lottery result online. Thousands of players are just playing the lottery from this state & check its draw results here.

Sikkim State Lottery

Night results of Lottery Sambad which is drawn at 08:00 PM daily have a second name the Sikkim State Lottery. In Sikkim, local people search the results as a Sikkim lottery results on the internet. If you are belonging to the Sikkim state then you better understand than other people.

Mizoram State Lottery

If you want to download the Mizoram State Lottery Results, then you are on the right website. We update the results on time. The above download link will provide you the today’s draw result. Click on it and the PDF file will automaticity be saved, you can also watch it online as well.

Aajkal Lottery Sambad

This is a famous name and kind of Lottery Sambad Game. People usually remember this lottery in different names in their minds. But officially sometimes the results will draw as the name of Aajkal Lottery Sambad.

That’s why this term is stuck to the audience’s mind. The process of getting results is the same just download them from this blog & you are good to go.

Some other Popular numbers & Terms of Sambad Lotto are here:

  • Dear Lottery Sambad
  • Aajkal Lottery Sambad
  • Dhankesari Lottery Sambad
  • Dear Flamingo Result
  • Rajshree Lottery Sambad

Dear Lottery Sambad 2022 Prizes

Lottery Sambad officially has a great prize list for its winner. I personally notice lots of people become richer just to play this lottery game in a very short period of time. The prizes are very because the government taxes and other expenses are changing day by day. In India, the prizes of lottery games are fluctuating.

The Great feature of this game is you have 3 chances daily to win and change your lives. The Prizes are also handsome you just need some basic knowledge about the Lottery and you are good to go. If any winner wins the first prize, he/she will get the 50 Lac to 1 Crore Indian Rupee.

Similarly, if somebody wins the second prize of Sambad Lotto then he or she will be caple to get the prize of 9 thousand Indian rupees. After that the third prize will be 500 Indian rupees then the fourth winning prize amount is 250 rs and at the latest 5th winning prize will be 120 Indian rupees and so on.

For better understanding, you have listed all the winning prizes according to the draw names, their schedule, and their timing. You will definitely love to know the prizes.

Morning Results Winning Prizes

Morning draws and their prizes are listed below. Actually, the prizes are different according to the timing and the draw types. so, check the list!

Draw Names1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Dear Treasure Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Valuable Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Precious Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Respect Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Love Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Sincere Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Admire Morning Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500

Day Results Winning Prizes

Day results and their winning prizes vary on the draw types. With our list, you will be clear about the winning amounts and other stiff as well.

Draw Names1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Dear Banga bhumi Bhagirathi Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga bhumi Ajay Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga lakshmi Raidak Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga lakshmi Torsha Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga shree Damodar Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga lakshmi Teesta Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga shree Ichamati Rs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500

Night Results Winning Prizes

Just like other timings the night Sambad Lottery winning amounts are different. I suggest you check the blow list to clear your concepts further.

Draw Names1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Dear Vulture Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Falcon Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Eagle Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Parrot Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga shree Damodar Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Flamingo Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Hawk Evening Rs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500

Sambad Lottery Result File Formats

New players always getting confused about how to get the results and which is the results format. Today I will clear your confusion completely just stay tuned!. Basically, the results are provided herein two main formats. One is downloadable and the other one is online check format.

You have options here, it’s up to you whether you download the results to your device or check online. For better understanding, I mentioned the file format names and further explanation about them below. Check!

Lottery Sambad PDF

The most popular Aajkal Lottery Sambad result format is available in PDF. The benefit of this format is that the results are of high quality and easy to save. The file size is very compressed you can easily get access to it via mobile with normal internet. Most people like this file format because it is reliable.

Lottery Sambad Online Check

The online check format is basically a high-definition PNG image which we upload right after the result and their winner is announced. If you want to check the results online on the website without download or save it then the image format s best for you. Yes, it is time-saving and easy to check the results format, best for newbies.

Get Lottery Sambad Old Results

Sometimes you are busy checking the results online and on the next day, you need to check the result of the Lottery. Unfortunately, there are few authentic sources of Lottery Sambad old Results on the internet and our website is proudly one of them. We provide the last previous results if you want to Download the 2021 lottery results you can easily get them from our website.

You just need to locate that page and select the date to download the old results. The Result file will automatically download to our device. All three-time results with both formats are available on Lottery Sambad online website up to the last 1 month. Check the list and get your desiring result by the date.


Basically, the game lottery itself was firstly introduced in Chinses in BC in 187 then move into the European countries, and the very first lottery ticket was sold to a man. The main purpose of the lottery games is to remove poverty in people and handle the financial issues within the state. After these countries, the lotteries were finally introduced in the US in 1612 by King James.

At that time every few people play the games and try to understand the system behind them. When people understand these games the more than 250 lottery games worked at that time. In Asia, the lottery games were introduced a little bit late but as a complete business model. Thousand or I say millions of lottery games started in Asia within the last 20 Years.

There are many benefits of these games like the revenue generated by these games being used in many great projects like in the construction of hospitals, Churches, colleges, people betterment, and others. Basically, there is an Indian-based newspaper called the Sambad, which is a very popular newspaper in India.

Millions of Indian population like that paper and read it daily, it is first announced in 1984 in the month of October. When the official departments check the statistics of its popularity, they target the other states of India and sell their newspaper all across India. Now, after some time people like that newspaper and the Lottery Sambad, because of the results of the lottery published in that newspaper as well. Many people play the lottery and earn a good amount of money from it.

Due to its popularity, the results are available online on our website. Sounds great… So, what are you waiting for? Just purchase a simple Lottery Sambad Ticket and test your luck. The winning prizes details and mentioned below check, play and enjoy.

Where to Buy its Tickets

The lottery ticket is a necessary part of any lottery game without the ticket you cannot participate in it and win the amount as well. A lottery ticket is basically a way to play it and the main aspect as well.

New players always get into trouble while they are trying to purchase the ticket. The main problem is they even did not know where to buy the ticket and if they know the source another problem is how to buy it online or offline.

There are many brokers, agents, and dealers available in the market and on the internet where you can get the tickets easily. You can find an authentic source first then buy a Lottery Sambad ticket physically or even from the internet (Online).

If you want to get a ticket without any scam then I personally prefer to find a source physically and then buy a ticket offline, it is the safest method ever. For the Safe process of buying the ticket, here are some precaution points to follow while you trying to purchase a ticket from a dealer.

  • Always find an authentic dealer first, do some research then proceed further.
  • Buy tickets before some time because in the last moments the dealer and their online system may be busy and you may not verify and register in the current draw.
  • At the time of buying the ticket always double-check your basic information like name, email, Address, etc because once you buy it, you will not have a chance to change the wrong details. So, it’s better to check first.
  • Always check your bank account or any transaction source you mentioned because if your transactional source is wrong you may lose your winning amount.
  • Never share your ticket number with anyone and keep it in a safe place. If you win the draw the ticket will be your source of claim winning prize

Facts of the Lottery

Lottery Sambad lovers always know about its interesting facts and the game motive as well. If you are one of them then these points are for you to check the game interesting facts:

  1. It is important to get a ticket first before playing the game because without a ticket you are not able to participate in the game.
  2. The lottery sambad results drae thrice in a day. So, if you did not win it in a first draw then you have two chances here.
  3. Last but not least the Lottery sambad evening is the last chance to draw daily and also it is known as the game of lucky people. Most of the expert payers win it.
  4. Thousands of people become millionaires by just play this lottery for years. If they can do it you can also, need you to need to focus on the game.
  5. This is the only lottery game in India,  where the results are available offline in a sambad newspaper and online on the internet.
  6. This is the legalized lottery system in India working for years and generate lots of revenue for the people as well the government.
  7. Sometimes very lucky people won the game by just select a random winning ticket number and won the game easily.
  8. Tickets of Lottery sambad Today are available online as well, but I suggested you find a best-trusted dealer and buy it from there.
  9. The winning prizes are very high as you expected and the number of prizes many, so every new and expert player has enough chance to win the game.
  10. The winning prize/amount claim process is also very simple, you must have a won lottery ticket and you will abel to claim your prize.

Winning Tips

We have a team of experts, they already have enough experience in this field now it’s your turn to win the game. It is a pretty hard job to find perfect numbers and tickets and win the lottery. 

Beginners have limited or even Zero experience they actually do not know some proven techniques and tips which makes the Sambad game-winning strategy more powerful.

If you are new in this field and have no experience then do not worry we are here to guide you and provide the best techniques to be successful in the game. Our tips are 100% tested and give you an idea of what going to own in the lottery game. Lots of our visitors already getting benefits from our tips in the game. So, why not you! Check:

1: Get Idea from Previously won Sambad Lottery Results

The previously won results are great to follow because there is a high chance that you will win the game. Try to understand the system working behind the lottery sambad, the game is based on winning numbers and if you are smart enough to predict the numbers then the upcoming lottery draw will be yours for sure.

2: Never Choose Numbers without research

Research is the most essential factor of every lottery game, if you have enough knowledge plus strong research then you choose the numbers smarty and effectively. Do not select the numbers according to your birthday or any special events these are just useful. Choose the numbers according to the game Situation & results.

3: Do not Follow the Sequences

Some people follow the Sequences of numbers like from one to Seven or their credit numbers, pan numbers, etc. This is the worst technique ever and I personally recommend you do not follow this. Try to make your own winning numbers strategy that will work and gives you the best result ever in the lottery.

4: Start with Small Game

If you have no or limited experience of Derar Lottery sambad then I suggest to first invest your efforts and time in a small game. Don’t be greedy and try to get some experience with a small win lottery, where our winning chances are also high. If you win with these techniques, you will get experience as well as it will motivate you to play big.

5: Get Help from Lottery Experts

There are lots of Sambad Lottery results experts are out there, we have also a team of experts. Get some advice from them, because the experts have already enough experience that will guide you to the right path. If you want us to help you please do comments below or email us with your query we will definitely help you out.

6: Try Again

Maybe the first time, you cannot be successful but don’t give up and try again every time. In Lottery Sambad thousands of people daily won the game thousands are not but you should have to keep trying until you win. Trying makes you confident and slowly you understand the game properly. I am sure at some point you will be successful.

Winning Prize Claim Process

Now finally it’s time to claim your winning prize from the Lottery sambad Department. Here are simple but carefully checked steps that we discuss here.

You should have to follow the guidelines for getting what winning prize without any trouble. Important Things to Consider at the Time of Claim your Winning Prize from the game official Department.

  1. You need to check your details like Address, Full Name, your Signature at the Back of the lottery ticket.
  2. Do not forget to Mention the Draw Date, its Time, Draw Name, and your winning ticket number.
  3. Write all the Important details in Capital Letter on the Prize Claim Form.
  4. The Copy of your PAN (Permanent Account Number) card with its Number is Required.
  5. Proof your Identity with at Least 3 Recently Captured Passport Size Photographs.
  6. You Need an Addidavit first-class migration commissioner (Must)
  7. Make Statements and Details are required such as Account NO, Account Title, Bank Branch Code, etc.
  8. Do not Forget to Write your Personal Working Mobile number on the Claim Form.
  9. A Cancel Cheque of the Given bank is also Required where your winning amount will be the deposit.
  10. Now, if you complete all the above steps, it’s time to complete your final Prize Claim file that requires the Claim Form, Bank Details, PAN Card Copy, Afficfavit with All original and working details.

Never Claim a prize with a Tempered, Tore, or Defaced Ticket, it may cause a Legal Action against you. So, Careful!

Sambad Lottery Office & Contact

If you need to contact the official Lottery Sambad office then you need their email address and phone number. Here we mention the correct contact details check!

Address:  L S Publications 55, Metcalfe Street Kolkata 1100055 If you want to contact us for any query please email us on a given Email Email: [email protected]


People frequently Aksed Questions and here Today we are trying to answer all the queries at once to save your time.

When the Lottery Sambad results announced?

The results announced thrice a day, once in the morning sharp at 01:00 PM, the second time at 06 PM, and the last at night at 08 PM. All the results are available on this blog.

How to download the Results from this website?

Just find a download button and click on it, the results in PDF format will be download automatically.

Can I see results online or live here?

You can check results online on this website, we update the results high definition images daily for our visitors.

What is Dhankersari Lottery sambad?

Dhankersari Lottery is similar to the Sambad lottery, its results are also drawn three times a day and available here anytime.

Where I get the lottery Sambad dear winning tips?

The winning tips are available here on this page, read them carefully do your own research as well, and then play the game.

Where Lottery Sambad live results announced?

The results announced in a local newspaper Sambad and we update them here for Indian online internet users to help them.

How to get the Lottery Sambad Yesterday results?

The Sambad Lottery Yesterday results are also available with up to the last 1 month of results. You can saily get the previous results from this website.

What are the winning prizes of the lottery?

The winning prizes details are updated above check the tables to know all the prizes.

Final thoughts

So, thats it, Hope you understand everything about the Lottery Sambad. All the results, its ticking guide, the winning prizes, draws timing and its Schedule, everything you need yo know is available 24/7 here. Just stay active Subscribe to the website newsletter and get free updates from us.

This is a great game to play, and if you’re serious it will definitely change your life. If you have any query please let us know via email or comment below. Thanks for visiting! Thanks for Visiting our Website!!!